Business Edition

Why the Business Edition?

The Business Edition is our BrandPortal solution for small or medium-sized organizations or brands who like to implement a BrandPortal fast or without one-off investment. Is active Brand Management new to your organization or would you like to start improving the way you interact with colleagues and third parties? Then the Business Edition will meet your requirements.

  • Only a monthly fee, no upfront or one-off investment
  • Your brand manual and assets online in a blink of an eye
  • Adjustable look and feel
  • Various configuration options

Most common features are included

This edition gives you all the tools to publish an online version of your BrandManual and serve downloads just where users expect them to be. Store all your designs, photos, video and audio centrally in the Mediabank and store templates in the Template Library. Make new asset delivery possible using FileTransfer and paint the BrandPortal in your brand colors with the Theme Editor.

Do you fancy additional features, integrations or does your IT department like to be responsible for the hosting environment? Please have a look at our Brand Management solution for Enterprises.

Up and running fast for a clear price

Because the Business Edition is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) it is already installed on our servers and ready for you to use. No need to involve your IT-department, no complicated or long lasting implementation phase. Some configuration, theme editing, content imports or management and you are good to go. If it comes down to a common question what it will cost we can be very clear; please use our pricing calculator for the monthly fee, no additional one-off costs, no hidden fees and only a 12 month contract.

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