Business Edition

General Features

The foundation of your BrandPortal is formed by various management, configuration and settings. Using these controls you and your colleagues are able to setup your BrandPortal and influence how it works and looks.

User, Group and Access Management

To securely manage and distribute your brand content to selected users your BrandPortal comes with four predefined user groups; PortalManagers, BrandManagers, AccountManagers and Viewers. You can add, edit, import and export users easily and provide specific access to both internal and external parties. As a PortalManager you have complete freedom in creating new user groups and define specific user rights to content pages, assets or certain modules inside your BrandPortal. When you enable public registration new access requests are handled at the login page of your BrandPortal and PortalManagers will be notified automatically if someone applies. To overcome inactive users or abandoned accounts the BrandPortal can check and remind users to renew their account until a certain date. You decide if a user can login with their email address, a username or existing network login credentials.

  • Can be secured using an SSL certificate
  • Can be connected to your existing Active Directory
  • Password Management according to ISO/IEC 27001:2005


You can use our Brand Management Software for a single brand or multiple brands. There are a few ways to setup your multi BrandPortal. One way is to have a company or division wide BrandPortal and separate each brand. You are then able to theme each brand individually and allow users to only access the brands they manage or are related to. In practice we deliver this kind of Brand Management solution to corporations with more than one brand in different product groups or separated marketing departments. The other way is to have one shared BrandPortal for all brands, without separation, without the possibility to theme each brand individually and giving users access to all brands that are part of the BrandPortal. Usually this setup is implemented for organizations with a central marketing division managing multiple brands or sublabels without the need to restrict certain users or markets.

Global Search

Whether a user is looking for e.g. your the amount of free space your logo requires, a pdf manual about logo do's and don'ts or specific logo source files in Adobe Illustrator if the just search for the keyword 'logo' the BrandPortal Global Search will search in all active modules and display the results in an overview.

Various settings and configuration

The BrandPortal can be configured and personalized to match the requirements of your organization or brand. Usually this is the task of a PortalManager. With various settings you can decide for your self how your BrandPortal works, is displayed or structured.

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