Enterprise Edition

Why the Enterprise Edition?

Like the name already explains the Enterprise Edition is intended for larger corporations, organizations already familiar with active Brand Management or if your requirements go beyond the features available in the Business Edition. An implementation of the Enterprise Edition involves a one-off implementation and license fee based on the required modules, brands, users and when SaaS; the amount of storage and traffic.

  • Both SaaS and On-the-Premises installation possible
  • Module-based; only pay for what you actually need
  • Suitable for single brand and multi-brand organizations
  • Adjustable look and feel
  • Integrate with existing systems or third party tools

Advanced Brand Management, Collaboration and Social tools

Where the Business Edition in practice fulfills all common Brand Management features the Enterprise Edition takes Brand Management to a higher level. With additional modules and add-ons you further improve your brand awareness by managing Brand Story Management or a Promotional Asset Store. Collaboration with colleagues or third parties around the world will be further enhanced by using Workflow Management and the Social Features.

Start small but think big

The various configurable settings enable you to setup according to your needs and policies. There is no need to implement all modules right from the start. License only the modules you require now but still have the ability to extend and upgrade when necessary in the future.

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