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Asset and Mediabank (DAM)

All brands have assets. Assets come in a different types like images, photo's, illustrations, animations, video or audio. Adequate BrandManagement requires available, structured and a well organized set of brand related assets. Having a Digital Asset Management (DAM) tool in place for your brand is a lot easier than storing all your assets in unstructured folders somewhere on you organizations internal network, answering asset requests by email one by one and uploading and downloading items manually to third-party file sharing websites each time.

Manage your media

Adding items to the mediabank is an easy task. You can add them individually or in one large batch by selecting or drag 'n dropping the files from you computer or network storage to your BrandPortal. Metadata such as item names, description, tags and keywords can extracted from the files automatically using Adobe XMP data your agency already embedded in their design files or you can specify it manually. You have all the freedom to group items in categories and embed items in BrandManual pages.

  • We can help you determine a suitable category structure for your mediabank
  • We can help you batch uploading all your existing Brand Media from different sources

Background processing

Thumbnails are generated for images, photographic materials and Adobe PDF documents. Video's are converted to known formats for Mac, Microsoft Windows and web embedding with Adobe Flash, HTML5, YouTube or Vimeo. The BrandPortal even extracts random stills used for preview purposes. For your convenience all these processing tasks are performed in the background. So you never have to wait for all items to be done. Sit back, relax or leave early; you will be notified when your items are ready!

Find, download and share

Your users will be surprised by the way you present your brand assets in the Mediabank. Items can be found by browsing, categories, types or by search on keywords. To narrow results down items can be filtered on orientation, size an even color. Mediabank items can hold more than one download, giving you the ability to serve different sizes, file formats, variants or versions. Before downloading individual files or the complete item package items can be previewed in great detail. Zoom and pan images or cut out a piece from the original. Full HD stream is available for all your video content such as promotional video's or TVC's. Besides a direct download of a single item or file you can add specific files to a selection basket. The BrandPortal will zip your selection on-the-fly serve a download or allow you to share the contents by e-mail to existing BrandPortal users or non-existing external parties that need to work with your assets.

Availability and item rights

Assets can be made available only to certain user groups, be held inactive for a while or be activated automatically from a specific date and time or within a defined timespan. Define if the item can be downloaded by your users or is marked as archived.

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