Enterprise Edition

Promotional Asset Store

Point-Of-Sale materials, marketing collaterals, stationary, merchandise; just a few examples of very common components essential in brand communication. By streamlining and automating the order, inventory, fulfillment and distribution of these materials your responsible departments can focus on other probably way more important tasks.

It's a brand webshop!

Ordering marketing materials is just like ordering a product in a webshop. Find the materials your require, when in stock add your selection to a basket and complete the order. It's as easy as that. As a Portal Manager you define categories and add your products manually or in batch. The location of the ordering user can determine which defined product supplier will be selected, minimizing transportation costs and delivery times.

Your own fulfillment partners

Orders can be fulfilled with your existing suppliers. We just connect them to the back office of the BrandPortal. By default the Promotional Asset Store has various ways to deliver orders and receive up-to-date inventory information from your partners. Combined with smart order allocation it will automatically allocate remaining stock in different locations and will try to use a supplier as close as possible to the recipients address.

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