Enterprise Edition


With multiple internal and external, maybe internationally dispersed, parties working on your brand you need to receive larger files and when approved the should be put on your BrandPortal. The FileTransfer module makes these time-consuming tasks more efficient.

No third party transfer tools anymore

Using our software you can invite agencies to deliver produced materials directly to your BrandPortal. Unzip, check and convert files to Mediabank or template items easily within your web browser without the need of downloading files to your computer. With BrandPortal FileTransfer there is no need to send large files by email or use third party transfer tools. Send a personalized upload invite to your agency, let them upload the files securely and publish your new assets as a Mediabank item or template in no time.

Closed and secure with public access

The FileTransfer module replaces third party online transfer tools you don't control or are, in fact, not compliant with your organizations existing nondisclosure policies. The colleagues, agencies or other third parties you work with will deliver new materials directly to the BrandPortal. Brand Managers send an invitation to deliver the material and the recipient delivers the files using a unique code to the BrandPortal. Invitees do not have to be valid BrandPortal users, they can deliver files as long as there is a valid invitation.

Approve and publish

When files are uploaded to the invite the requesting user will be notified. The files delivered can be previewed online or downloaded to you desktop when required. If anything needs to be changed you can disapprove that particular file and respond online. The invitation remains open and a new version can be delivered. Approved files you can easily move to the File Manager to use as a Page Related Download or a Mediabank Item. If you implement File Transfer correctly within your organization and make partners familiar with this new way of delivering new materials you will have your own basic Workflow mechanism.

Please visit the Enterprise Edition pages for a more extensive way of online collaboration embedded in the Workflow Management module.

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