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Online BrandManual and Downloads

Your brand has a set of guidelines for the use of brand elements that get exposure. You can share such rules, do's and don'ts, examples, and grids using a physical BrandManual or BrandBook. In the course of time, these guidelines will probably change or evolve. Having multiple versions of your physical brand manual circulating around will increase the risk of unwanted expressions. The solution is to have all your rules, downloads and assets centrally stored in an Online BrandManual which is always up-to-date, without any risk of having multiple versions in circulation.

Content Management System (CMS)

Using the built-in Content Management System PortalManagers or BrandManagers can easily manage BrandManual pages. You have the freedom to categorize and create a structure that suits your brand. Pages can be populated with a variety of content types such as images, slideshows and mediabank content to create an interactive BrandManual. The Content Management System is block-based and includes versioning. Just hit the edit button and visual guides lead you to the sections that can be edited. In theory all thinkable content can be placed or included on a BrandManual page. If a default block does not suit your content requirements we can help you develop a custom block and include it in your BrandPortal. As last resort you even have the ability to create content blocks using HTML.

  • We can help you import an existing physical BrandManual into your BrandPortal
  • We can help you batch uploading all your existing Brand Elements or Downloads

Page and content related downloads

A real benefit of your Online BrandManual is you can support your users by presenting relevant downloads, media or assets at the location they expect it; directly besides your rules or guidelines. This way you can e.g. present your logo usage guidelines and accompany this with a logo versions download package or relevant items in your Asset and Mediabank. You as a PortalManager or your BrandManagers can easily attach files to a BrandManual page or even embed them in-line next to your descriptive content. Our BrandManagent Software is built to handle large files so don't worry if you have multi gigabyte files ;-) Files related to a BrandManual page or content section can be downloaded directly or shared by e-mail with external users. Sharing is performed using secured links and expire automatically. This allows you to share files hosted on your BrandPortal directly, even to parties without login credentials. No need to upload files anymore to third-party filetransfer sites that are not controlled by your organization.

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