Enterprise Edition

Online Template Editor (Add-on)

The Online Template Editor is an Enterprise Edition extension available for the Template Library. Where the Template Library can be used to make common grids available for download to your users, with the Online Template Editor your users can actually work with the grids to create new expression themselves online, in their browsers.

Automatic conversion

When you add a new grid to the Template Library you can decide whether or not this template should be available to your users for online editing. If so the BrandPortal will convert e.g. an existing Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator file to make it available in the Online Template Editor. In the Template Library now users with editing rights will see which templates can be used online.

Enforce your brand guidelines

Once a template is made available to the Online Editor the template owner have several options to configure the template to force users to only modify them according to your branding guidelines. Template owners always have full editing capabilities. Non template owners or regular users are able to change what your contact restrictions indicate. This way you can limit movement, resizing and rotation of certain objects, limit the fonts, colors and text sizes used. When required you have the freedom to define an almost endless list of document and frame settings per template.

Experience, validate and export

What really beats the competition is full experience of what is created in the Online Editor; you can view it in 3D on actual applications or test folding lines live before anything is actually printed or produced. The Online Template Editor itself warns users when required predefined variables are missing, text tends to overflow or elements are positioned out of bounds. Complimented with image ratio and required resolution checking hardly anything can go wrong. Based on your personal PDF Export Settings you produce print-ready certified Adobe PDF files.

Adobe InDesign integration

For making publishing new templates to the Template Library and Online Template Editor the Adobe Indesign Extension Panel is available. This add-on can be embedded in your local Adobe Indesign installation and communicates directly with your BrandPortal. Combined with XMP metadata detection you can fully automate adding new templates and making them available for online editing.

This is not all

There is more, way more. This possibilities of the Online Template Editor are almost limitless. It is really well-thought-out. Like to now more please contact us and we are more than happy to give you a full demonstration.

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