Enterprise Edition

Workflow Management

The Workflow Management module streamlines collaboration and project management towards your colleagues or agencies for new media or brand expression creation. Save time for your marketing and communication departments, remind project members and make sure deadlines are met.

It's all about collaboration

Working with geographically dispersed colleagues and external parties could be a hassle sometimes. Conference calls, sending email messages back and forth and missed deadlines. When your project is developing, let's say, a new packaging design for one of your brands this involves multiple jobs. Selecting suitable photography, design elements, colors, texts in multiple languages and so on. Different people are involved in different jobs and have to provide, judge or approve materials to reach a final goal, together. The Workflow Management modules gives Brand Managers the freedom to define Projects, Jobs and Phases for these recurring processes.

Get things done in time

Define a new project and assign participants to jobs and make clear who is responsible for which phase or tasks. Automatic email reminders and the project overview gives users the direct insight they require and draw their attention to fulfill their tasks in time.

Review and Annotate online using text or voice

Complicated review processes of newly created assets will be something of the past. No more printing concepts, handwritten annotations and scanning documents. All reviewing is done online and directly annotated on the version uploaded by your co-worker or agency. You can even add audio annotations to a designed version to quickly review and exactly explain what you mean.

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