Why a BrandPortal?

Why should you consider a Brandportal or Brand Management Software?

In general a BrandPortal is an online environment where you can publish all your brand guidelines, downloads and media assets and share these with your colleagues, agencies or other third parties around the globe that need to produce 'something' for your brands. A BrandPortal gives BrandManagers the set of tools they need to place your brand in the hearts and minds of consumers the way it should.

  • No more hard to find brand assets

    Instead of hard to find brand assets spread on various harddisks or network drives, you will have all your brand rules and assets available in one central and up to date environment.
  • Relieved departments

    Relief your marketing, communication and branding departments and let them focus on what they do best.
  • Suit yourself

    BrandPortal users can find their own brand information and media. From now on you do not have to handle every guidelines or asset request manually.

  • Professional approach

    A BrandPortal makes clear that you have a professional approach towards your partners, agencies or other third parties as it comes to managing your brands.
  • Save time and bandwidth

    No more time-consuming back and forth uploading and downloading of brand assets and documents due to expired download links or lost files.
  • Not only for Fortune 500 companies

    With our transparent pricing based on a monthly fees instead of a one-off investment a BrandPortal is now also available for your brand.

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